About six months after the birth of our first child in 1997, I set out to childproof my home and did what most parents do — head to the local retail store to purchase child safety devices. To my surprise, the employees lacked expertise, the selection of products poor, and quality of the merchandise mediocre. Returning home disappointed, I searched the Internet and browsed through catalogs. I ordered what I needed, and ten days later the items arrived. Though most of the products were good quality, many did not fit correctly or required some extensive know-how to install. In addition, I spent a small fortune on shipping costs. I wondered…

Who has time for all this? There has to be an easier way!

A few weeks later, after my home was “baby safe”, my concern grew for other families who may not have the time to find the best products nor the technical knowledge to properly install them. I had the desire to help families so their babies and toddlers could explore, learn and grow safely.

Baby Safe Homes Today

Baby Safe Homes® US is a family-owned and -operated business founded in 1997.  From our initial experience in the United States, demand for our services grew and we expanded to Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East and now South America. We are proud members and certified trainers for the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), Family Safety Association (C-FSA) and other accredited business organizations, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), and other local affiliates where we continually strive to ensure the highest level of satisfaction through our quality workmanship, top-rated products and excellent customer service.  Rest assured that your Baby Safe Homes® Professional is also licensed, bonded and insured.

Claudia – Owner & Safety Specialist for Baby Safe Homes® Brazil, is a mother who has 2 bachelors degree: one in Business and one in Psychology. She also has 2 Masters degree: one in Human Resources Management and one in Business Administration. She had a successful business career throughout her life. She has lived abroad for 15 years through Europe and North America and has recently returned to her home country of Brazil. Claudia is a mother of a little boy and is very passionate about baby proofing. Baby proofing her home was the best investment and best decision she ever took and has changed her life dramatically. It gave her peace of mind to know her child would be safe at home. After seeing how effective and important baby proofing was, Claudia decided to open a baby proofing business and help other families.  She has been trained by Baby Safe Homes®, certified trainers for the International Association for Child Safety, and is currently working on her credentialing through Family Safety Association –  a worldwide membership organization comprised of safety professionals demonstrating the highest level of ethical standards who strive to create safer environments for people of all ages. Claudia has met and must adhere to a Code of Ethics for Knowledge, Professionalism and Integrity, as well as industry standards for safety, and we are very pleased to announce the launching of Baby Safe Homes® Brazil – Professional Childproofing Tailored To Your Needs! 

 We Know Our Safety Products

Baby Safe Homes is more than an equipment reseller. We LIVE this business and understand your challenges in providing a safe environment for your growing family.

  • We offer you only the highest quality products available because the last thing you need is an inferior, difficult to use product.
  • We eliminate the guesswork and frustration of purchasing products that don’t work or that break too easily.
  • We test every product before they are installed in your home or are offered for sale to you.

We are an AUTHORISED Dealer/Reseller

Unlike many other merchants, we are an authorised dealer and reseller of our products. This is very important to you the consumer because if you purchase your product from an unauthorised reseller, the manufacturer is under no obligation to stand behind the warranty. You can be confident when purchasing from Baby Safe Homes that not only will we stand behind the warranty, the manufacturer will too. Purchase from us with confidence!